PRINTING for Local People, Volunteer Groups, Fetes etc

A service for the community by Paddox Methodist church.
We will do small jobs at low prices.

What can we do?

We print on A4 and A3, on paper or thin card.
We print in Colour and in Black
We print from masters or pdf files.
We enlarge print (eg A4 to A3, A5 to A4)

Folding available normally at no extra cost

Our standard print is on good quality 80 g white paper.
We also stock coloured paper, other thicknesses and card.

OR come to our drop in 10am Saturdays
at Paddox Methodist Church Dunsmore Ave CV22 5HD
(coffee morning runs at same time)
Quick jobs e.g. up to 500 sides. - while you wait
We can also arrange a 'collect from Hillmorton'

What do you need to bring or send?
Either Master sheet(s) usually A4 one sided
Or Pdf file with a data stick/email


Typical jobs:

1 copy of a private form 30 Annual reports stapled 25 A3 colour posters
120 concert programmes 300 church newsletters 400 entry forms

Typical prices per A4 side 2 to 3p Black 6 to 8p colour.