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As I write this, Mental Health Week has just come to an end. This week has highlighted the issues surrounding mental illness which is sometimes suffered in silence.
Statistics tell us that over the past year 74 % of people in the U.K. felt overwhelmed at some point and unable to cope.
Some may have suffered for sometime and often feeling isolated through their anxiety or depression. There may be people in our churches who have or are suffering with depression or anxiety.
The person suffering with mental illness may not want to share with you about the how they are feeling but being alongside people particularly with their everyday lives can go a long way. It can provide support and encouragement and sometimes be a welcome distraction from some of their thoughts and feelings.
I want to use a Bible passage to emphasis getting alongside people; the account of Jesus' encounter with the woman at the well ( John 4 v 1-42). Here as Jesus goes to the well he is met by a Samaritan woman who has come to draw water. Jesus took the time to engage with her recognising her deep need for 'living water'.
Taking the example of Jesus, may we be alongside those who are suffering with mental illness to bring the light of Christ into their lives.
"I will hold the Christ light for you in the night time of your fear. I will hold my hand out to you; speak the peace you long to hear".
The Servant Song - Richard Gillard

Love and prayers

Deacon Georgina Brooks


Mission Statement
The Church Council approved our new Mission Statement which is intended to be more memorable, embracing all that Paddox exists for expressed in words that mean something to everyone.

Loving God and making God's Love known.

Loving God embraces our worship and expressing love through pastoral care of all people.

Making God's love known includes a planned distribution of all Paddox activities in our neighbourhood and making our website more informative and inviting.

Web Site
Paddox website is
Please give to Stan Bird anything you would like to see on the website, or any ideas for content.

Have you had a kindness shown?
Pass it on.
T'was not given for thee alone
Pass it on.
Let it travel down the years,
Let it wipe another's tears,
Till in Heaven the deed appears,
Pass it on.
Rev'd Henry Burton

Even a small kindness can make someone's day

Many thanks for all those who have already thrown off your bras.
The Plea still continues for you to recycle your old bras in any condition!!
Those in useable condition will be sent to women in the developing countries overseas. The rest are sold by weight for REFUGE the National Charity campaigning against domestic violence.
An easy way to make money 70 p per kilo, paid by Bravissimo, the bra manufacturers.
Please place your unwanted bras in the Bra Box by the Church Back Door.
Many Thanks
Brenda Hole

This is my first report as Senior Steward and my thanks go to Jeff for all the work he has done over the past 6 years and for agreeing to continue working on 'Our Vision'. I would also like to welcome John Kay, who is our new steward.
Thanks go to everyone who helped or came to the Spring Fair, £580 (so far) was raised to be shared between the Air Ambulance and Christian Aid, plus £100 each from the church.
If you feel there is anything you would like the stewards to consider, please talk to me or one of the stewards.
Jane Lewis

With regard to the next item about GDPR
'If you hold any sort of list or rota with personal information on it, could you please let Jeff Wells know?'

General Data Protection Regulations
You will undoubtedly have been bombarded with reminders that the GDPR comes into force on 25 May. The Church Council has appointed me to review the personal data we hold.
The first step is to build the mapping Form of who holds what data and for what purpose.
The first draft is being circulated to Church Council members for comment or addition, but if you hold a list of people related to any church activity that includes names, address, phone number, email, for example that I may not be aware of, please let me know.
It is important that anyone who holds personal data ensures it is accurate, up to date, and only kept for as long as necessary and where practical kept where general public access is not possible.
A Paddox Privacy Policy will be issued when the Methodist legal department has issued a model form.
Jeff Wells

P.S. Spring Harvest 2018
Sorry, we thought of some more!
We decided to brave the Skyline for the final service and are so glad we did! Yes, there was still the loud music and some repetitive worship songs but the atmosphere of over 3000 people worshipping together was fantastic. As was the Communion served to all of us at the same time - the stewards handing out bread and wine to each row. (They were then served at the front immediately afterwards.) The Chair of the Spring Harvest planning group, Gavin Calver, gave the hard-hitting address. He used meaningful personal experiences, where relevant, to illustrate the theme of 'Being Brave' and this one has remained with us and still gives goose bumps: as a family with young children they prayed together regularly, and Gavin's wife had suggested they introduce time when they listened to God and however silly the 'thought' that came into their head they were to share it. Now for some time Gavin had been aware God was telling him to be brave in his evangelism and he was resisting - most of us find it difficult, don't we? During one such quiet time in a prayer session their young daughter said, "I don't know why but Jesus is telling me to tell Daddy to be brave"!
Towards the end of the service Gavin asked anyone ready to commit themselves to Jesus to stand up. Roger, who was sitting next to Phil, said Phil was on his feet before Gavin had finished speaking! Sharon followed seconds later and they both went forward for prayer. They had said a prayer of commitment at a CAP event but, as Phil said, "this was more!"
And so Spring Harvest can both reap and refresh, well worth a visit!
Lynne and Roger Baker

Bilton House Garden Party this year will be held on Saturday 7th July from 2pm until 4.30pm and will be opened by Deacon Georgina. There will be music by the U3A Buskers and Bilton Junior school choir and a variety of stalls as well as tea/coffee and cakes. We will be looking after the jewellery, scarves and toiletries stall. If you have any donations to our stall we would be very pleased to receive them either being left at church for our attention or we are willing to collect if necessary. Also if anyone is willing to make a few cakes or scones for the tea tent those would be gratefully received. Jigsaws are always popular.
I am intending to make some marmalade but I am in need of 1lb/454g jam jars if anyone has any, please leave them at church or I can collect.
We hope to again be lucky with the weather, but please come and support the Garden Party, the proceeds of which are used for the residents at the Home.
With many thanks
Carol Williams and Christine Whitehouse

Family Fun Morning - Wednesday 30th May 10 - 11.30am. All welcome.

Saturday 30th June - I have booked a stall at the community fun day at The GEC Recreation Ground, 11am - 3pm We will be doing children's crafts and giving out leaflets about the Family Fun Mornings at Paddox during the summer holidays and any other relevant information. It would be lovely to have some company during the day, even if just for an hour.

Family Fun mornings will be taking place at Paddox on Wednesdays 1st, 8th, 15th & 22nd August. 10 - 11.30am. Offers of help would be appreciated.
Thank you
Miriam Sitch

www.the place 2b@Paddox.Church
Our next warm weekday welcome will be on Tuesday 12th June at 6.30 pm. Everybody is welcome to join our regulars and experience new and old songs. There are refreshments halfway through. There will be new songs from Spring Harvest to try.
Carol and Stewart Williams

During www we have "a Time to Listen" slot given by a different person each month. In May it was Sue Beevers and as Editor of Contact I wish to share the following extract she read to us.

Prayer can be a difficult subject to tackle. Do we pray to God to change our situation when we believe Him to be in control of our situation? Do we pray for things or further blessings whilst believing that "the Lord will provide?"
There's a story of a father who hears his little daughter repeating the alphabet the best she can. But he notices she has her eyes closed. He asks her what she was doing and she opens one eye to look at him. "I'm praying daddy" she whispers.
" It sounded an awful lot like your letters", he said.

"Mummy says letters make up all the words", his daughter explained, "and sometimes when I pray to God I don't know what I want to say, so I give Him all the letters and let Him turn them into the right words."

There is a great truth in this. Even as adults it can be difficult to find the right words, so perhaps we ought to borrow that little girl's faith and hand it over to God. Maybe the only prayer we need is trust.

Over the past few weeks, Rugby Foodbank has had fewer clients than previously, meaning that we could build up our reserves of food. However, the past fortnight has seen a steep increase in the number of people coming to our distribution centres, together with a seasonal decline in donations, so your support continues to be necessary if we are to help all those who need us.

Thank you to everyone who has responded to our request for good quality used carrier bags. Although our clients are asked to bring bags to take home their food, we often give out three or four per client. Because of the levy on plastic bags, new ones cost us 9p each, so you can imagine how quickly this mounts up and uses money that we would prefer to spend on food.
Our current shortages, besides good quality carrier bags are men's toiletries, custard and rice pudding.
Thank you.
Eleanor Bird

Thoughts on Sessions FROM SPRING HARVEST
"Live It" theme session with Rachel Gardner & Steve Uppal
Reflection on the Beatitudes (or "Be-attitudes") in Matthew chapter 5 - how are we meant to "be"?
8 characteristics to grow in our heart -
1. recognise that we are poor in Spirit = see that we need God
2. mourning for breakthrough = feel that we need God
3. walking in meekness = keep what power we have under control
4. hungry/thirsty for righteousness = cultivate our
opposition to apathy
5. give mercy to others = receive mercy
6. be pure in heart = integrity of thinking/ morality/
motives; no faking
7. becoming a peacemaker
8. endure persecution for righteousness sake, rather than
leading a life of bad choices.

"The Consumption Assumption" by Mark Madovan
We talk of consumers/hoarders and spenders/savers; both extremes mask greed
A suggested process to follow is Give, Save, Live, for example in the proportions 10%, 10%, 80%

"Why does YOUR work matter?" by Mark Greene
God's work (as seen in the Genesis creation narrative) brings order, provision, joy, beauty, release of potential; it is self-glorifying
Our work can bring order, provision, joy, beauty, release of potential; we should try to make it God-glorifying, for example by working at it with all our heart
Charity workers are heroes, but so are those who work to prevent poverty (etc)

"Taming the Tongue" theme session by Mark Madovan
BBM = brain before mouth; does something need to be said? am I the one to say it? is it the right time?
OFM = one fact more... might explain why x did/said y, so imagine what that could be before speaking
BFG = be full of grace; give the benefit of the doubt

"Punctuating your day with prayer" by Matt Long
Namaste (Hindi) = I see the light in you
Ma (Japanese) = space that holds potential; all space/time holds the potential for prayer

"Finish it" theme session interview with Simon Gillebaud,
missioner in Burundi -
1. Fight the good fight
Fighting is visible in Burundi; in the West, we can choose
to fight apathy, materialism...
2. Finish the race
Pace yourself for a marathon, not a sprint
3. A study found common characteristics of good finishers to be
1. Perspective - focus
2. Regular intimacy with Christ
3. Discipline in key areas
4. A continued, positive learning attitude throughout their life
5. A network of meaningful relationships
6. Several mentors throughout their life
4. Jesus didn't die on the cross for us to sit in a recliner having played it safe
5. In the poem "The Race" the one who fell three times got the biggest cheer despite finishing last because they'd shown so much spirit and kept going.


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